Wildlife Resource Management

Our Wildlife Services Include:

  • Wildlife Mitigation/Monitor Plans
  • Habitat Restoration Planning
  • Wildlife Surveys and Inventories
  • Wildlife Habitat Assessments
  • Waterfowl Nesting Surveys
  • Terrestrial Invertebrate Studies
  • Species at Risk Surveys
  • Ungulate Winter Range Studies
  • Breeding Bird Surveys
  • Nest Clearance Surveys
  • Furbearer & Mammal Inventories
  • Grizzly & Black Bear Inventories
  • Caribou Management Plans
  • Agency Consultation and Regulatory Permitting

ECOFOR’s biology department has extensive experience in designing and performing baseline wildlife surveys, identifying habitats, conducting impact analysis and developing wildlife management plans. We specialize in providing wildlife management services for the forest sector, mining, oil and gas, private landowners, ranchers and aboriginal groups. Our team of over 40 biologists and technicians works closely with clients to report on and explain the concepts of basic biology, population biology, forest ecology and ecosystem processes. Our commitment is to provide our clients with the tools they need to properly assess development impacts on wildlife and their habitats. Our goal is to ensure that harvesting and other resource development is conducted in a manner that minimizes impacts to wildlife resources. This goal is achieved through the development of detailed conservation measures that are also sensitive to the logistical constraints of development.

Download the wildlife services information sheet (pdf)

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