Our forestry services include:

  • Forest Development Planning
  • Silviculture Assessments and Audits
  • Forest Health Assessments
  • Plantability Assessments
  • Tree Planting Audits
  • Site Preparation Assessments
  • Silviculture Prescription Planning
  • Timber Cruising
  • Vegetation Inventories
  • Riparian Assessments
  • Beetle Probing
  • GPS Traversing
  • Eco-typing and Site Plan Preparation
  • Block Boundary and Road Layout

ECOFOR’s forestry department has extensive training and experience in assessing forest attributes, designing and auditing silviculture assessments, identifying and managing forest health issues, and Forest Development Planning. We specialize in providing forest management services for the mining, oil and gas sector, private landowners, woodlot holders, government agencies, forest licensees and aboriginal groups. Our team works closely with clients to report on forest resource and silviculture issues in order to adapt to the dynamic requirements of the resource and the client. Our commitment is to provide our clients with the information they need to properly manage precious forest resources. Our foresters and technicians undergo perpetual retraining to remain current with ever-changing legislation and innovative management techniques in order to enhance and protect all forest resources. Our goal is to ensure that harvesting, road construction and reforestation are conducted in a timely and responsible manner, while minimizing impacts to other natural resources. This goal is achieved through the development of detailed management strategies that are sensitive to the logistical constraints of fiber extraction and Integrated Resource Management.
We invite you to contact us to discuss your forest management goals.