Aquatic Resource Management

Our Aquatic Services Include:

  • Fish & Fish Habitat Assessment
  • Fish Stock Enumeration
  • Riparian Classification (FRPA)
  • Stream Crossing Assessments
  • Stream Rehabilitation
  • Fish Salvage & Relocation
  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Spawning Assessments
  • Lake Inventories
  • Fish Population Studies
  • Water Quality Studies
  • Aquatic Invertebrates Studies (CABIN)
  • Fish Habitat Monitoring and Compensation Planning
  • Environmental Management Plans for Fish Stream Crossings
  • Provincial, Territorial & Federal Permitting

ECOFOR’s Aquatics department is made up of highly trained individuals who work together to meet the needs of our clients. We provide a wide array of aquatic resource management services tailored to research, operational development, and environmental protection. Our over 40 aquatic professionals have worked throughout western Canada and have extensive training with regional fish species, invertebrates and the aquatic environment. Our senior biologists are well versed in territorial, provincial and federal legislation pertaining to fish and their habitat protection and management. Our goal is to develop sound management recommendations to ensure environmental standards are met or exceeded, while accommodating logistical constraints of development.

Download the aquatics services information sheet (pdf)

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